Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty wants her co-contestant Raqesh Bapat to ‘wear a diaper’.

Shamita Shetty was annoyed with Bigg Boss OTT co-competitor Raqesh Bapat and the conflicts didn’t end with the assignment. In a clasp shared online on Friday, Shamita Shetty disclosed to Raqesh that he ought not have ventured away during the assignment.

The video cut starts with Shamita saying, “There is a correspondence hole between you and me. That is the thing that I am attempting to disclose to you.” Raqesh reacted, “Theek hai abhi mai, wo (Okay, presently I will).” However, Shamita cut him off and said irately, “Pehle to task ke beech me in the event that you proceed to pee (First of all, in the event that you proceed to pee in the assignment), I swear (quieted word) will come into me.”

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Raqesh then, at that point answered cheerfully, “I can’t handle my bladder! It is human, it is nature’s call.” Shamita jokingly asked him, “Tum yaha pe susu, khana, sone ke liye greetings aaye ho (Are you here to just eat, pee and rest)?” Raqesh advised her, “Jaana tha to jaunga nahi primary? Sab to jaa rahe the (I needed to go, for what reason would I not? Everybody was going).” Shamita demanded he ought not have gone amidst the errand.

“There was hooliganism going out there, mai akeli baith ke (I was staying there alone),” Shamita said and motioned to say she was terrified. Raqesh clarified, “Maine thoda sa shanti ka block dekha to fatafat ho ke aa gaya. (I saw a little window of harmony and quiet so I proceeded to return rapidly). I probably been back in two seconds.”

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In any case, Shamita revealed to him it was not appropriate for him, as a ‘sanchalak’ to leave. “Control your pee, wear a fre***** diaper!” she said and he answered, “I wish they had a diaper, I would have worn it. Bigg Boss, kindly send me diapers.”

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